Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Craig's List

Have you ever used Craig’s List? Colinboy used it to find a sublet for the summer when he interned in NYC. It’s all random, so you hope you end up with normal people. He did have to go through a few apartments that were very sketchy… sketchy hair places…one apartment with lots of cat hair and another apartment with an older man with grey hair…run Colin run!

Luckily for him…he ended up in a situation where the guys were normal…no weirdos. Just 2 working guys, in their mid-twenties, needing a roommate to split expenses…that felt he needed to be exposed to the gambling world. ( I hope that’s all they exposed him to.) His roommates took him to Atlantic City. Only problem was…20 hours later, they were still there…no sleep ride…he took a bus home.

I have also heard that Craig’s List has served other uses. People have stretched the envelope or list and used it in inventive ways. You can find anything on the List now…even someone to do your dirty work or someone to provide you with assistance.

A woman was arrested for looking for someone to kill the wife of her boyfriend. (Now that’s one way to get rid of the other woman.) Wanted: Crazy man with own gun to take out (and not for dinner) my boyfriend’s wife. Person must be crafty, shifty, and down right murderous, with good aim and a fast trigger finger.

Someone was also arrested for soliciting as a prostitute. A woman with probably a code name like “May Flowers” was offering her services on Craig’s List. And I am not talking about laundry services. Her calling card: May Flowers available year round. Call for an April shower.

Maybe I should use Craig’s List…to find someone to post a blog for me when I am busy with important things like golf, paddle, and shopping. Ad could read….Wanted: Blogger Extraordinaire. Person must be available at a moments notice. Person should be engaging, smart, controversial, entertaining…in short, nothing like Kat.

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