Sunday, April 8, 2012

What's in your Basket?

Way back when...
back in the day...
Our 3 chicks loved searching for their Easter baskets
almost as much as discovering what was in them.

The Easter Bunny would hide their baskets
and leave a little rhyming note
with clues to help them with their search.

 “Yo yo, E.B. here...
Be a dear and get your rear in gear.
Find your basket where yo daddy stashes beer.”

(Okay, not exactly that clue…maybe something a little sweeter and age appropriate.)

I’ll always remember the Easter when I was just a kitten
(and not an ole alley Kat)
when the Easter Bunny brought me the best basket ever.
Nestled in the green plastic grass...

I found
A toy yellow chick,  

a pack of candy cigarettes,

 and a pen in the shape of a cigar.  

Apparently I was the
 recipient of the “Jr. Smoker’s Easter Basket.” 

And this kitten was purring with happiness. 

 I still remember diligently working on my homework with my cigar pen,
while smoking my candy cigarettes.


What’s in your basket? 

I hope yours was as smokin’
as mine was...
back in the day.

Happy Easter

1 comment:

Sistersledge said...

That's a riot! I had no idea the EB left you that. Ahh, the good old days!