Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Equality Dance

Historically (and in some cases hysterically)
men and women have fought for common ground. 
And have met in the middle, in many areas:
Title Nine
child rearing

Yes siree....
(or to be equal)
Yes ma'am...

for years and years...
men and women have danced the equality dance.

But the latest controversy
that pairs
"Miss Canada" Jenna Talackova with
the Miss Universe Pageant ...
puts an interesting twist or tango on that dance.

Miss Canada was barred from entering the Miss Universe Pageant because she was
not a "naturally born" female. 

Have you seen her? 
Let's not deny the obvious...
Jenna definitely measures up.

Man, she has amazing legs. 
Whoops I mean...
Woman, she has amazing legs. 
Which isn't a total surprise...men/transgendered women don't usually have cellulite on their legs. 
I would love PaulA's legs...
(although they might look a little awkward on my bod.)

Smelling a whiff of discrimination...
feminist Gloria Pittbull Allred...
put her nose
took up the case
against Donald King of Self-Promotion Trump,
owner of the Miss Universe Organization.

The  dance between Donald and Gloria was not pretty.
It was more of "the bump" and grind
and resorted to immature barbs.

Trump later reversed the ruling
allowing Jenna and any transgendered woman in the future to participate.


There is one place where the sexes keep on dancing...
dancing around the subject.

Women are still not allowed to join the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia,
where the Masters is played. 
What's the deal with that?
Personally I would never covet that ugly green jacket...but what it represents.

Shirley, this issue has come up time and time again 
and Frankly, (equal time)
I have no idea how they get away with barring women in 2012...
especially since IBM is a Masters sponsor
and historically Augusta National has offered membership to the IBM CEO...
who this year happens
to be a WOMAN.
Ginni Rometty

If a woman (who was previously a man) can compete in the Miss Universe Pageant,
why can't a woman (who wears the pants) join Augusta National? 

Each side needs to give a little....

Let's just call it...

Tit for tat.

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