Monday, April 30, 2012

Satellite Location

This blog is coming to you from a
satellite location...
the Ford Service waiting room.

Now  that the kids are out of the house
and  have released their clutch on our Ford Escape...
I've decided to take care of our depreciating investment.

I've made it a priority to bring the car in for regular checkups....
so it doesn't come down with 
coughing jags and pipe blockage. 
We all need a good pipe cleaning once in a while.


I'm waiting for the car while the service people
kick the tires and look under the hood. 
It shouldn't take all day. 
It's not like I asked them to freakin' rotate planet EARTH. 

So here I sit...
in a newly appointed waiting room...
watching a large flat screen tv
blogging on their wireless internet, 
and making coffee with their konvenient Kuerig

The experience is so  pleasant...
that I'm thinking of making it a regular morning pit stop.

And I would ....
but for other people

who this time...happen to be 5 men.  

Don't get me wrong
these men seem like nice folks,
but it has become very uncomfortable sitting here with them...
while the "news" program on the television discusses
(on volume level 20) 
"Embarrassing Health Questions." 

And for some reason, these men seem very  interested in
gas, body odor, and toenail fungus.

Oh, crap.....

things have just gone from bad to worse...

the teaser for the upcoming segment...
"Stay Tuned...
5 Ways to spice up your sex life"

Get me OUTTA Here.

My car may be built FORD tough,

but this Kat can't take it.

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