Monday, April 2, 2012

Thumbs UP

Ya know what I like about Facebook?
I  like the "Like" button.

 I  give it a Thumbs Up.

There is nothing like positive reinforcement.

Everyone at some point, or another, can appreciate a pat on the back...
as long as you don't knock them
into next Tuesday.

Recently I  wrote a comment on a 'Kathie Lee and Hoda' FB page...
and received a few  "thumbs up"...from total strangers. 
It turned me into a "Like" junkie.
  Before I knew it...  I was crafting crafty comments just for "Likes." 

Apparently I'm not the only one liking "Likes." 

Businesses frequently will ask you to "Like" them on Facebook
 and will  promise you free stuff. 
(Note to self:  Offer your readers 10 bucks for every Thumbs Up.) 


I have been passing on positive reinforcement...

whenever I fly.

If the pilot has safely landed the plane...
I will give him/her  a "thumbs up" as I deplane
da plane.

I  set the bar high as to what I consider a safe landing....
nose diving,
wings breaking,
or wheels falling off. 

And definitely no combustible landings. 
That is out of the question.

So far I've given out numerous

"thumbs up" 
as I walk by the cockpit.

EXCEPT on our flight back from Hawaii....

(a 12 hour flight from Honolulu to Newark)

when the pilot dropped our plane on the runway. 

And by drop I mean...
if we were a crate of eggs...
we all would have been scrambled. 

Let's just say...
I wasn't too pleased with the landing.

BUT, I did give out partial credit....

as I walked by the cockpit.

After all,
they did fly us over the Pacific Ocean
and across the U.S.A
without dropping us eggheads
into the Grand Canyon.