Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Help Me, Rosetta

Oh, how I wish
I was fluent in another language...
even just one other.


"They" say speaking more than one language exercises the brain...
and may help slow the aging process of your mind.

Does pig latin count?

                                                                    (ixnay onay igpay atinlay atkay)
Whenever I travel and leave my katWORLD...
I am reminded of how many people can speak more than one language.

On a recent visit to Los Angeles,
while chilin' at the hotel pool
I was surrounded by 5 women who were
chatting up a storm  and
laughing like hyenas...

in another language.

(What's more fun than a storm of laughing hyenas?)

  I assumed they were speaking German because
I overheard a word that sounded a lot like...

$9 was also the price of bottled  water at the hotel...
who knows?

Not understanding what is being spoken is one thing,
but when there is also  laughing involved...
you reeeeally feel left out.

You wanna be in on the joke,
but more importantly...
you wanna make sure you aren't the joke.

It can make a person feel a little self conscious...
like being last to the water cooler....
after a joke has been told and everyone's laughing...
but the laughter suddenly stops
when you arrive.


I wasn't sure what the women were laughing about...
but when they looked over at me...

I laughed along. 

After all,
I did think it was 
pretttty funny
how the hotel can get away with charging

NINE dollars
for a freaking bottle of water.

atkay OUTAY


B.Healy said...

the worst is when you're in an elevator and people are speaking english and then they switch to their other language.... pretty sure that's a RED FLAG they are talking about you/making fun of you!!!

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