Friday, April 27, 2012

Helicopter Parent Trap

What’s that sound you hear?

Why, that’s the sound of a helicopter…

You know....
the hovering parent…
standing guard to pull any nasty weeds
encroaching upon Junior’s path of life.

That’s when the helicopter parent swooshes down
and gets Junior back on the
the rosy path.

Let’s face it…we’re from a generation that has coddled our children. 
We have obsessed over where our kids go to pre-school,
what teams they make,
what teachers they get,
what colleges they attend,
what internships they acquire. 
We’ve hauled kids and ass to practices, lessons, and games...
both near and four states away.

We’ve inflated their egos
and gushed over every achievement.

Everyone is a
a champion,
and the next best. 
Everyone gets a trophy.

 So stop Kat…aren’t you a helicopter parent too?

Okay, okay….I admit it, guilty as described…
but I like to consider myself the
Katcher in the Rye.” 
(sounds a lot better than helicopter parent and
Holden Caulfield is my idol.)

I have even said OUTLOUD (to no one but myself)
 “I have to catch everybody, before they go over the cliff.”

That's just my inner 'Holden Caulfield Kat' talking...
making sure deadlines are met, appointments made,
follow-throughs are followed,
and nothing falls the cracks. 


I hear that some helicopter parents have extended their reach
into the work force...
calling employers to negotiate salary and benefits. 
“That killed me.”
(my favorite Holden expression.)

At some point the propellers must come off and our helicopters should be grounded. 
We need to...eject ourselves from these 'metal parent traps'...
and parachute back to EARTH.

And...This Katcher in the Rye is willing to do just that...
right after I finish building
a rock solid
10-foot wall
along the entire edge of that
“crazy cliff.”

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