Friday, April 13, 2012


Today is Friday, the 13th

Do you suffer from "Triskaidekaphobia?" 
Fear of the Number 13?
What about "Paraskavedekatriaphobia?"
Fear of Friday the 13th?
How about Hexakosiohexekontahexaphobia?
Fear of the numnber 666?

Unlike many people, this Kat happens to love "13."  
I should...I was born on the 
like my girl, Taylor "FEARLESS" Swift.

When your bday is the 13th of the month, you have an infinite affinity for the number.  
You never fear it and 
never ever think of it as "unlucky."
Heck if you did, you would lock yourself in your room with your lap top.
(Wait, i already do that.)

People with birthdays on the 13th of the month feel just the opposite...
about "Unlucky 13."


Today I hope you get out and enjoy the day.  
Please don't  be a scaredy cat and 
stay home...or change your behavior.

This Kat isn't superstitious about silly things like "Paraskavedekatriphobia." 
Yep, with my four-leaf clover in my pocket...
and the avoidance of ladders, cracks, and my neighbor's black cat...
This Kat is FEARLESS...
(sing it, Taylor)

Silly people really need to get over their superstitions. 

ps.  Check this out...
big C sent me this today...
I didn't realize that today was my "half birthday."
Aren't I LUCKY...
to have such a thoughtful daughter!


Frances said...

Birthdays on the 13th are the best! :-)

B.Healy said...

taylor swiftt <333