Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lip Service

With our economy in a ‘downward dog’…
                                   we are spending less cashola on big-ticket items.

(hopefully we don't remain in this uncomfortable position much longer.)

Instead, we are spending more cash on small items...
vice items...
beer, candy, ice cream, and lipstick.
Oooh la la

What better way to get ourselves (and the economy) out of a slump...
than with a little indulgence...
VICE, VICE, baby....
beer, candy, and ice cream to the hips
and a little lipstick to the lips.

There is nothing like a new shade of lipstick
to put a little color back into our faces and make us happy.
Although a 16 oz. beer can have the same effect.)

With creative/sassy names given to lipstick
after  food, drink, and romance...
it's hard to know whether to

eat them,

drink them,  

or date them.

Lipsticks aren’t given names like “Red” anymore.
                                                                    (Soooo hohum.)

Instead we see:  “Cherry Desirable” or “Cherry Tart.”

I would love the colorful job of coming up with new names..
Redneck Red,
One Hot Momma,
Wine-o Woman
Blogger Blush,
 50 shades of grey
(wait, that’s another blog)


Whenever I splurge on a new tube of’s almost always the wrong shade.
After I've generously applied it to my lips...

"Dolce Vita"

ends up looking more like

 “Dolce Death.”

My drawers at home are full of rejected “little splurges.” 
So back I the try my luck at the lipstick lottery.

You might think these 'little splurges' don't add up enough
to stimulate the economy...


you might even equate the attempt with ...
putting "lipstick on a pig"


Unless you’ve put lipstick on a pig....

I don’t want to hear one 'oink' out of you.

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