Friday, April 20, 2012

Hipsters vs Hippies

For some revolutionary reason...
I've been thinking about



(although I've never claimed membership to either group.)

Apparently I'm
too old (and not witty enough) for one....
or too square (and love high heels too much) for the other...
so neither group would claim me anyway.

Hipsters and Hippies both share the word "hip"...
so they 'sound' like they could be related....
but the only way that would ring true...
was if they were
"kin" ...
a 20/30 something hipster and an aging Hippie parent.

Hipsters and Hippies
look different,
act different...
and the closer you get ...
they smell different.

Hippie                                                                                        Hipster
tie-dye,  flower power clothing,                                               vintage/thrift store clothing
fringe vests                                                                              edge shirts, scarfs
bell-bottom jeans                                                                     skinny jeans
barefoot/rope sandals                                                               "oldschool"sneakers                                                                                
full-grown beard                                                                        scruffy beards
long hair                                                                                     shag cut/side-swept bangs
headbands                                                                                 beanies
granny glasses                                                                           glasses
drink herbal tea                                                                          drink coffee/PBR
smoke pot                                                                                  smoke European cigarettes
listen to psychedelic rock                                                           listen to indie rock
stand for World Peace/                                                              don't stand for anything...
smell of pot and incense                                                             smell of java and cigarettes

Both Hipsters and Hippies reject what is "mainstream"  and
both conjure up visions of a  "countercultural" scene...
like a couple of salmon swimming up (main)stream.
 that's where both fish stop swimming along in the same school. 
 After that....they swim in different tributaries.
(Have you had it up to the gils with this fish imagery?)

Hipsters, unlike Hippies, are not doing anything revolutionary. 
They are not political activists fighting to the change the world.  
A Hipster's revolution is against the attitudes of "mainstream consumers."
They like the indie culture, bohemian style, and gravitate to what is  " un-popular." 
They love sarcasm, irony (especially on their T-shirts) and witty banter. 
and they want their look to be 'natural' and not contrived...
when in is carefully thought out. 
(Now isn't that ironic?)

There is, however, the possibility that a Hipster
could one day grow to become a hippie. 

Past a certain age...
with a little weight gain...

we all get a little
hippie hippy.

Then after the weight gain...
the only joints being passed around...

are old joints...

for new ones.


B.Healy said...

hahaha this one is so funny. didn't realize you knew so much about hipsters! you're pretty spot on! they SWARM my campus/boston in general and love to migrate to crappy "unknown" bars/concerts in allston

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