Monday, April 16, 2012

Talking Politics

If you  listen to whoever "They" are...
you wouldn't do what I am about to do.

"They" say....
"Don't ever talk politics or religion."

Apparently it's the kiss of muerto.

To hell with that...
I'm throwing caution to the kisser.

Get ready for a  big juicy one.

So, What you talkin'  'bout, Katwoman?

I'm talkin' 'bout..........

The 1% vs. the 99%.

The haves vs the have nots.

The Starbucks coffee drinkers vs Dunkin Donuts coffee drinkers.
(whoops, that's another blog.)

It appears that when it comes to the presidential election and Mitt Romney...
the media is trying to ignite Class Warfare
or atleast keep the embers burning.

Even though 71 percent in a recent poll said that
"Romney's wealth is not a major factor in their presidential decision."
there are news agencies that insist on bringing it up.

Obviously Romney is a ONE per center...
WE all know that.
He owns at least 3 homes....
one a palatial 12 million dollar home in La Jolla, California.
He takes his family on nice vacations...blah blah blah...the rich list continues...

He even owns nice hair.

(Don't hate me because I'm beautiful rich.)

Would we be happier if he was the owner of
ONE shack
a wrecked car and rusted washing machine rotting in the front yard..
and a scantily populated head?

No matter how much Romney tries to look like the
"Average Joe"....
he'll always look like "Average Joe's" wealthy distant cousin ...

 "James the III."

Maybe Mitt should start wearing penniless loafers....
maybe that would help his


  I don't think most people have a problem with rich folk
especially those who have worked hard and become become
and even
and that other famous "O"...

Heck Opie (aka Ron Howard) started out as a country boy from Mayberry RFD

now look at his wealth.
We don't have a problem with Opie
who has enough money to
buy Mayberry RFD, 
pave it over,
and put up a parking lot.

I wish the media would  just stick to the facts
so we can evaluate the
candidates on what really matters...
the car they drive...where the candidates stand on the issues.

Just for the record
I've taken sides a long time ago on the "War of the Classes"...

(yep, you guessed it.)

Dunkin Donuts...all the way

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