Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mega MillionsTicket to Ride

almost all of us woke up last week
wearing the big "L"
on our foreheads.

we didn't win the 640 million dollar Mega Millions lottery...
so it was  back to the routine.
Back to business...
Back to books...
Back to blogging.

So did you purchase a lottery ticket to take your chance at the
hoping to get your
 ticket to paradise...
ticket to ride?

They say... "you can't win...if you don't play."

My problem  was more of the reverse....

"if you can't don't win."

In other words, I didn't have a Chinaman's chance.  (very.offensive, i take it back.) 
Fat chance (again, offensive)
Ghost of a chance.  (pretty sure this is not derogatory to ghosts)

My excuse for not winning? 
I was in of the 8 states that doesn't play the Mega Millions.
(What were the odds of that?)

Florida residents might be lucky enough to live in Florida for the weather...
but shit-out-of-luck
when it comes to playing the Mega. 
(They might want to think about  moving to Kentucky.
I hear, people are always getting lucky  in Kentucky.)

I thought of purchasing a few Mega tickets online,
but it seemed a little desperate. 
 I didn't want to start receiving emails from Gamblers Anonymous.


We had a few winners, folks.

And so far the winners have decided to hide from us losers,
and remain anonymous.
They haven't drawn attention to themselves...
by kissing everyone in town..
or telling everyone in town
to kiss-off.

For as much as I would want to scream my good fortune to the world...
I suppose...I  would have to remain anonymous...

otherwise people would see me as a walking ATM...
dollar signs in my eyes
and an ass a mouth spitting out bills.

It might, however,be hard to stay anonymous.
Especially with the trail I would be leaving behind...
cash cascading from my pockets
 gold pouring from my pores,

and my pink Bentley.

We are allowed to dream, right?

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