Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Finest

Whenever I walk through our Taj MaMALL this time of year,
 my heart does the
That might sound like the salsa,
but actually it’s my heart panging at the sight of
sweet little Easter outfits for children.

I can’t help stare at the adorable dresses
with bows and sashes,
and little bonnets for girls.
Sweet plaid outfits with Peter Pan collars for boys.  
They remind me of “those days”...
when we dressed Big C, Colinboy, and Wishy in their Easter Finest.


I clearly remember getting the kids dressed in their Easter outfits for church...
when clearly their mind was set on indulging in their Easter baskets.
It took the 2 of get the 3 of them ready. 
We were clearly outnumbered. 
But we refused to be outsmarted.     

“Yes, Colinboy...little man...this is a tie. 
Clip it on....and keep it on.”

"Trust me, Big C...this bonnet is adorable. 
Wear it, PLEEEASSE." 

Getting those white tights on sweet Wishy’s little baby legs
was an Olympic event
and PaulA and I made a good team. 
I would start the tights on her legs and get them up to her knees
and then PaulA would stand her up and shake her down into them...
like a pillow into a pillow case. 
Another win for the team.

Getting out the door and into the car...
before one of them dropped a shoe, lost a bonnet, or pulled-off a clip-on tie
was a challenge. 

This Easter I’ll be remembering those Easter mornings of long ago...
when the kids busted down the front door after church...

the house was filled with joy.

PaulA and I filled with the joy that comes from Family and Faith...


the Kiddos filled with the joy that comes from the anticipation of attacking their Easter baskets.

Those were the days, my friends...

Easter mornings of yesteryear, when
jelly beans, green basket grass, and their "Easter Finest" were
blissfully strewn across the floor.

Those were the days, my friends.
 We’d thought they’d never end.

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