Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eye, Eye Captain

On my flight back from Hotlanta I boarded the plane and found seat 28F by the window. A seat with a view…of a grimey wing. Can we get a can of Comet with extra bleach over here?

Lucky for me, I was sitting in a good row…which is a row of normal people. Seated in the middle was a sorority girl wearing cool shoes and next to her was a woman with cold shoulders...wearing a sweater.

I sat in my seat trying to get comfortable with the idea of flying…as flying isn’t my bag, my tea, or my thang! I tightly fastened my seatbelt (cuz I’m a good doobie) and said a few plesantries to the nice women in my row. I took a deep breath…and felt as ready as I could ever be.

Then I waited for the reassuring words from our Captain over the intercom. “Hi. This is Jillian your Captain. Etc. Etc. Thanks for flying Delta.”

Hammer time. That’s the sound my heart makes when it goes into panic mode. A WOMAN PILOT…(that’s my mind screaming.) A WOMAN COMMERCIAL PILOT...(mind still screaming.)


I had to question myself: "Self, Why does the idea of a woman pilot scare you?”

I tried to reassure myself of her capablities by coming up with a number of reasons why a woman pilot would be better than a man pilot. Hmm...let me count the ways……….

In flight school, Captain Jillian probably paid more attention in class; trying to prove herself in a male dominated field.

Women are better at multitasking; making them very efficient. Captain Jillian probably can simultaneously fly the plane, mediate any disagreements among flight attendants, and make a grocery list.

Women are not afraid to ask for directions from the guys in the control tower.

Women will yield to air traffic...and not try to beat the other planes on take-off.

Even after listing all the positives in favor of women pilots…I still wasn’t quite comfortable. Then Captain Jillian had one more word from the cockpit: “Please turn off all electronic devices. We won’t leave the ground until these have been turned off. I can see you.”

Instantly I knew we would be okay. Captain Jillian has eyes in the back of her head. What man has that?

Go ahead, girlfriend. Fly the plane.


Big C said...

LOVE this!!!

Brianna said...

while reading this i had the same reaction when i saw "Jillian"...i wonder why!!!