Monday, June 14, 2010

WayBack Machine

If I could invent something…I would invent a Wayback machine. A time machine to travel KCAB…that’s back in time.

Remember the WABAC (Wayback) machine from The Bullwinkle Show? The Wayback machine was invented by Mr. Peabody, a genius dog with horn-rimmed glasses and a bowtie…who owned a pet boy named Sherman. The idea of a dog owning a human is pretty comical…but then again Duncandog owns ME…and that isn’t funny.


I would love a Wayback machine to turn back the hands of time and instantly transport myself back to the days when our 3 kids were little again…under our roof. “Set the Wayback Machine, Sherman…to 14 years ago….when………

….when we first moved into this house.”

I’m feeling real dizzy now…time travel can be very disorienting. I’m going waaay back now……………..

Chelsea is in the 5th grade…Colin is in the 3rd , and Bri is in Kindergarten. It’s the only time in their school career they attend the same school. Watching the 3 Musketeers getting off the bus together couldn’t be a sweeter sight. Come to momma, my children.

They are running down the street from the bus stop, backpacks bouncing, and jackets trailing behind them. They’re busting through the front door. Everyone is talking at the same time. I don’t know who to look at first. I sit down in the kitchen to hear all their stories. They are each trying to get their story out first...“Hey, I’m telling mom something.” “No, I am.” “Me first.” My head is spinning from one to the other…

They’re digging in their backpacks to show me their art, pulling out their papers and school announcements, telling me what they have for homework, what happened on the bus, and what games they played on the playground, and most importantly…who they sat with at lunch.

Each of them has their reason why they should get to talk first….“I’m the oldest, I’m the youngest, I’m the boy.” I love looking into their little faces……enjoying their expressions, their excitement, their eagerness to share their day with me.

(((Earth to Kat…Earth to Kat….your trip is over….you are daydreaming…you are not Waybacking.)))

It is 3:30pm and no one is busting the door down to see me…vying for my attention. Where are you Mr. Peabody when I need you?

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