Friday, June 18, 2010

TajMa Mall Return

I have returned to the TajMa Mall…back to the business of shopping. I’m sure Mr. Nordstrom and Mrs. Macy are happy. I had taken some time off from spending…which is not good for the economy, but happens to be very good for my pocketbook.

Since Christmas I have taken a breather from the Taj and focused my time on breathing life into this blog. Unfortunately, my blog wears a sign that advises: “Do not Resuscitate.”

One thing I’ve noticed now that I am baaacckk at the Taj…is how many times you hear THE computer security voice: “We have failed to remove the security device.” It seems as though every time I enter a store, I see someone triggering THE voice. Either shoplifting is on the rise, or the number of knucklehead salespeople who fail to remove security tags is on the rise.

When I hear THE voice, I try to get a good look at the person leaving the store…just in case I have to pick them out of a line up. Or just in case I need to help security tackle the culprits.

I’ve always wondered how busy the security guys/gals are that work at the TajMa Mall. Are they chasing down scads of shoplifters…or just basically chasing around scads of teenagers with nothing but time on their hands, rings on their fingers, and nothing to do? I’m guessing security is very busy ridding the mall of teenage mall rats.


On my last TajMa Mall trip…I headed into Mr. Nordstrom’s and darn if some woman carrying 4 shopping bags was scurrying by me. And double darn if THE voice didn’t go off. I tried to trip Ms. Money/Shopping Bags…but she was too quick for me.

Then I entered Mrs. Macy’s store…and triple darn if THE voice went off again. But this time no one was leaving the store...just little ole ME entering.

Don’t cha know...I’ve been the one setting off THE voice. Don't cha know...I should be cutting off the security tags sewn into my shirts. (So a know-it-all saleswoman informed me.)

Security will have to be content with chasing teenage mall that Kat is in the know. And should security need me...I'm always available for back up.

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