Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bird Brain

Every morning for the past couple of weeks, while I’m sitting at my blog chair…I watch a bird fly into my window. He does this over and over. I don’t know…maybe it just feels good to repeatedly fly full speed ahead into a standing object.

Birds can be scary…especially when birds flock together. Whenever I see a flock of birds, I immediately visualize ”The Birds” in the Hitchcock movie…and my imagination gets carried away. I’m not exactly sure what this bird wants from me…but part of me thinks it would like to peck my eyes out for ridiculous blog writing.

Being the educator that I am…I did a little research to find out why the bird is throwing itself into my window. (Googling is the extent of my research.) I found that: “Window collisions are due to male birds defending territories during mating season.” (Those are the Googler’s words…not mine. Wait, I wonder if the Googler is somehow related to the Riddler…hmmmm.)

Presumably the glass acts like a mirror…so when the bird sees his reflection…he wants to drive away the intruder that is staring back at him. Exactly the same way I feel when I see my reflection.

Another thing I learned from the Googler…is that “birds can also strike windows because of disorientation due to intoxication.” They're getting buzzed from eating overripe berries that have fermented. Blitzed birds getting tipsy in the club. Watch out for these birds that are flying under the influence. They might toss their blueberries all over your shoulder.

Maybe I could help this bird brain that is interrupting my blogging…by making his reflection disappear. I was thinking that taping newspapers to my windows might be a good idea…but the cops just might think this a crack house. But then again they might cut me a break…especially if I paper my windows with The Hartford Courant. After all, The Hartford Courant is for the birds now. (That’s another blog.)

I just thought of another way I could help my feathered fiend. I’m thinking I could stand in front of the window tomorrow morning. The face of a Kat would be enough to scare a bird…or anything else…away.

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