Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"My Bad," Manute

Last week Manute Bol died at the young age of 47 from kidney disease and an allergic reaction to the drugs he was taking for the disease. Manute was known for being the tallest NBA player in the history of the game at 7 feet 7 inches. Manute’s name actually sounds like he would be of small stature…a manute of a man. But the Googler tells me “Manute” means special blessing in Sudanese.

Apparently the tall gene runs in his family. His great-grandfather was 7’ 10”. His mother at 6’ 10” was taller than his father at 6’8”. I guess with that size, if you aren’t playing basketball…you’re changing light bulbs for a living.

Bol wasn’t an All-Star basketball player, but he could block shots…like my Banana Boat blocks sunrays. After his NBA career he was very active in charitable causes related to his war ravaged birth nation, Sudan. Regardless of his basketball talent…Manute was considered to be a special blessing to the many people he helped in Sudan over the years.


Here’s a fun fact about Manute Bol: Manute coined the phrase “my bad” in the 1980's. When making a bad pass to a teammate he would say “my bad” instead of “my fault.” Other players picked up the phrase, which eventually spread into urban basketball lingo and even into suburban housewife lingo.

In Manute’s honor I’ve decided to coin a new phrase. “Apolocuse Me.” So instead of saying “excuse me”…or “my apologies”…try “Apolocuse me.”

Okay, it might not have the same cool vibe that “my bad” has…but I’m thinking…Manute might have given me props. But if YOU can’t do the same…“APOLOCUSE ME.”

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