Thursday, June 24, 2010

"O" What a Gift

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of “O” Magazine, Oprah gave everyone on her staff an iPad with a personalized case and a check for 10,000 dollars. What boss does that? How do you get a job working for the Big O? Sign me up. Heck, I would be happy with the iPad alone. Although 10,000 dollars would make a nice lining for my pockets.

Many companies give gifts to mark a commemorative anniversary, or gifts for the number of years of service by employees. But the Oprah gift is far and above the standard. Plus most gifts from employers are given with a reason behind them. The engraved pen is given…so you don’t steal theirs. The alarm clock…so you aren’t late for work. A gym membership…because you're looking pudgy. A package of nylons…cuz yours are snaggy.

But Oprah’s gifts to her employees didn’t come with any hidden agenda or strings attached…except the Uncle Sam tax string. But that’s not Oprah’s call…with personal gifts come personal income taxes.

Oprah could have required her staff to make a donation with some of the money she gave them. But instead...her staffers were free to do whatever they pleased with the money…no matter what the risk. Free to bet on the horses. Free to skydive. Free to play the stock market.

Because I never worked 10 consecutive years in one place…I never received the proverbial pen or pin for service. I’m not sure what they would have given me at the hospital for 10 years of blood bank service. Maybe shiny white vampire teeth? And what would I have received for my gift from my insurance job? Again…probably shiny white vampire teeth…to sink into new clients. How else can you get anyone to buy an insurance policy?


I have noticed that vampires are “in” these days….especially with the HBO’s True Blood series and the Twilight movies. Too bad I didn’t stay working in the hospital long enough to receive my teeth.

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