Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishyes

I didn’t post a blog for Brianna’s 19th birthday last Saturday, June 5th! What kind of a blogger mother blogger am I? Obviously a bad, bad mother blogger.

My excuse…should you care to accept one: I have gotten in the habit of not posting on the weekend because I do have a life…although this blog might prove otherwise. And since Wishy’s bday was on Saturday…hence, the no posting. Please forgive me, Sweet Wish.

But trust me…a celebration ensued. Bri celebrated with a theme get-together...with everyone wearing something beginning with the letter “B.” Boater, Banker, Bono, and Bindian Bhief.

Easy for me…the bad blogger. And the suggestion that PaulA dress as a bouncer was the best…especially with teenagers in the house. Although, they probably would have preferred a bartender…in the house.


To continue with the “B” theme…

Happy Birthday (belated as this blog may be) to our bright and beautiful brown-eyed blonde Brianna…a breezy babe full of boundless fun and benevolence.

Bouncer PaulA and blogger Kat are truly blessed.

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