Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

Weeding is grueling. It requires a repetitive motion, can hurt your back…and you never feel like your making progress. Wait, I think that’s golf.

I just finished weeding our patio for a second time since this spring. There I sat…on the hot stone pavement with my head down for hours, wrapping my fingers around each tiny weed growing in the crevices around each paver…then looking up to see 3500 more blocks to go.

The daunting task gave me a case of “trigger finger”…which by the way is the name of a real ailment…but my particular trigger finger was a little different…it involved the thought of a gun and my head. Ahhh………

PaulA has a green thumb. In other words, he has his way with plants…in a fraternal gardening way. Like most gardeners his garden needs weeding…but for some reason the other grueling activity….GOLF takes precedence…so he hasn’t gotten around to it.

There is a weed that has taken up residency in the middle of PaulA’s garden that looks like Jack’s Beanstalk or the Stairway to Heaven. It is so thick, tall, sturdy and healthy, you would have sworn we planted it there and watered it daily.

I prefer to think of this ungodly weed as the Stairway to Heaven…especially because “Stairway to Heaven” is such an excellent song that goes on and on forever. It’s like 4 songs in 1. And it was sung by Robert Plant…which seems very fitting.


The only way to remove the massive Stairway to Heaven… is to get an axe, shovel, and a big strong man. Only problem is…my strong man, PaulA, is on the course. It seems as though PaulA would rather be out playing golf than at home tending to his garden.

“And it makes me wonder.”

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