Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who are YOU?

You are out doing errands and you run into someone you haven’t seen in a few months.

And you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I pay more attention to what I looked like before I left the house?” You figured you’d just run in fast…and be on your merry way. But you should know…odds are 100 to 1…you will run into someone you know.

Or…you are out shopping at an offbeat time. You think, “Who else is at Bed Bath and Beyond at 6:30 p.m? Shouldn’t they be home cooking dinner? What kind of mother are they?”

And wouldn’t you know…THEY are looking marvelous. They have every hair strand in place. They’ve crossed every eye and dotted every teeth. (Okay, doesn’t make too much sense….but just go with it.)

But worse than your looks…is the look that comes over your face when you try to remember their particulars…their kids name or even worse…their name. Now you’re wearing the pained, contorted look that comes when you’re having a senior moment and your brain is in overdrive trying to remember.

And it just isn’t coming. You know them. You know them well. Yep. What the hell is their name? The only thing that comes to you is your favorite 'Who' tune… “Who are You?”

And you also know…once they leave…you’ll remember everything about them. The flood gates will open and you’ll be swamped with their kid’s ages, schools, and class rank…their house color, number of bathrooms…full and half.


DO NOT WORRY. I’ve heard a senior moment can happen at any age.

In those circumstances I think it is always best to go with the truth and just lay it all out in the open. That’s exactly what I do…“Oh, you must be mistaken…I’m not Kat. You must have me confused with my sister. Kat is home cooking dinner for her family.”

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