Friday, July 2, 2010

Nasty Clogs

Getting through a crowded airport terminal is not easy.

I don’t know how pilots and flight attendants, who spend their lives walking through airports, deal with people that clog the terminal aisles. They must possess a lot of patience...which is not on my list of virtues. (But neither is tact, courtesy, or understanding.)

The worse is to walk behind 5 or 6 of these cloggers who are walking together. They form a barricade that stretches across the aisle and chat with each other as they saunter through the terminal aisle. There is no way to get through them…unless Red Rover allows it.

Or there are those who make the same move, when you make a move to go around them. So you tack back…and they come about too. They won’t let you sail through. These are the tacking clogger types.

The texter cloggers are the ones in front of you walking with their head down and nose to their phone. Hey, read this texter cloggers: STOP TEXTING AND KEEP IT MOVING.

The indecision cloggers move aimlessly through the aisles…and are very confusing to walk behind. There is no rhyme or reason to their movements…but a strong cup of coffee in the morning usually takes care of that.

But the cruddiest of cloggers are the ones that stop suddenly and cause collisions. They put the freakin’ emergency brake on in the middle of the highway, before the exit ramp.


I’ve been trying to think of how to unclog the terminal aisles of clogger types…a way to flush the airport terminal system of these nasty clogs. (I like to think of ways to improve traffic patterns to make them run smoother. An odd hobby.)

It came to me…Liquid Plumber. Gallons and gallons of Liquid Plumber might do it. It works at home. But they do say chemicals are not very healthy.

Now I’m thinking about a snake. A really long snake would do the trick. All clogs are afraid of snakes.

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big C said...

this drives me INSAINE! especially when you are in a hurry!!! don't they KNOW who I am!!!! hehe