Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apply Within

A summer job is a great way for a college kid to earn money toward college expenses. But with the cost of today’s college tuitions...it probably only helps with a weekly Starbucks latte.

I remember the summer jobs I had when I was in college. Who doesn’t???

I remember……………
….Teaching baton twirling to young girls through the town recreation center. I can still see their faces as they looked up to me, like I was something special (more like I was a good two feet taller.)

….Working as a secretary’s assistant at the U.S. Immigration Service-Intelligence. Which, if I might add…it’s only fitting that I landed a position in their Intelligence division…everyone says I ooze intelligencia.

….Working as an office assistant in the Admissions Office at UVM. Unfortunately, admitting prospective students was not part of my job description.

I also remember hoping that I wouldn’t mess up, screw up, or goof up.


As I stood in line on my last visit to Carvel…I watched a teenager write “Happy Birthday Jessica” on an ice cream cake. Her cursive was perfect and she had just the right number of crooked letters in Jessica. Hey, that takes skill. I’m thinking if I had her job I would have had to cross out and do over before I got it right.

After I placed my order, I watched her flawlessly stack swirls of ice cream on my medium cone. I commented to her on what a GREAT JOB she did with it…and she beamed. I think it’s nice to give young people praise…to encourage them. Okay, I might have been sucking up to her so she would give me an extra swirl...when I came in the next day.

I wonder how talented I would have been as a Carvel employee. I can be a perfectionist…so I would have had a lot of do-overs…which probably wouldn’t have gone over too big with the bosses. But they never would have found out…I would have easily eaten all my mistakes.

Hmm......I wonder if Carvel is still hiring for the summer or if I missed the banana barge...melting any of my Carvel aspirations.

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