Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Meat House

With the economy and such, most small stores have had a tough time staying open. The small candy shop where Wishy used to work recently closed …which was a sad day for her…and for all of us with sweet teeth. I’ve got 28 of them.

So it was a medium-rare event when a new store called the Meat House opened. The new store has a neighborhood feel and very good beef. The prime of the prime. The pork of the chop. The Ham of the burger. And it can also be expensive. It puts the X in eXpensive.

I recently went in for a couple of pork chops (pork chops are a way to eat gallons of applesauce without looking like you're 5 years old) and saw they were selling pork chops for 17 dollars a pound. Oooweee…that’s a lot of dough for ham.

I was informed the chops in question were Kurobuta and considered to be the Kobe Beef of pork chops. Like I should be impressed. I don’t care if Kurobuta is the Kobe Bryant of Basketball…I don’t wanna pay that. I say give me rookie pork.


People are running their ham hocks off to get into the Meat House. Frankly, it’s the busiest store this side of Hamburg.

I’m actually very surprised that people are that mad for the cow. I thought we were eating less meat and more chicken and fish for health reasons. But apparently I’m miSTEAKen. Now I’m finding out people have been hiding red meat in their shopping carts at the Stop and Shop under their Metamucil and bags of lettuce.

Now their love for meat is out in the open. There’s no hiding it when you enter at store called “Meat House...Your Neighborhood Butcher.” I know I might be considered rare...because I prefer sweet over meat…but apparently my town is full of meatheads…Michael Stivic, Chuck Angus, and Sir Loin of name a few.

I better cut it out with the meat jokes. I know I’ve butchered them enough.

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