Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fudds Exotics Menu

Have you been to a Fuddruckers? I haven’t because we don’t have one near us…but given a chance, I would. Who could resist the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers?” Especially one with a name that sounds nasty…if you change a few letters around.

Every now and then, there is nothing like a good burger and beer. Simply said: an ale completes an angus…kinda like PaulA completes Kat.


The news out of Fuddrucker-ville is that they have introduced a menu of exotic burgers called “Fudds Exotics.” We are not talking about serving routine beef…the average Bessie. That is so old school beef. We are talking an animal of a different hoof…big game meat. The kind whose stuffed head looks attractive on the living room wall.

Fuddruckers first started its Fudds Exotics Menu with the bison burger…a half a pound of bison on a bun. Which is a cute way to refer to rangy buffalo meat .

Recently they added elk. I can’t imagine ordering an elk burger off a menu. It just seems like it would taste so elky…not that I know what that tastes like. But, unless I dipped each elk bite in a bucket of blue cheese and chased it with a brewhaha…I think it would blow.

In case bison and elk are just bland potatoes for your taste…stay tuned to the upcoming additions to the Fudds Exotics menu.

Wild boar will be coming in September to a Fuddruckers near you. (Remember: be careful how you pronounce that name in public.)

Ostrich will work its way onto the menu for Thanksgiving. I know most people eat turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday…but if you really want to stick your skinny neck out and try a new meat…the ostrich could be your bird of choice.

There is only one Fuddruckers restaurant located in the state of Connecticut which is in Mashantucket…an Indian Reservation. Most people from the reservation are probably used to taking a walk on the wild side with their food…so they wouldn’t be weirded out by the menu of exotic burgers. I’m sure that…without reservation they would like to see Bear meat offered next. IDK…I’m thinking that bear meat might be too grizzly for me.

As long as they keep the Kat Burger off the menu…I’m down with that. But if you live in East Asia…I hear the Kat burger will soon be coming to a Fuddruckers near you.

(I think I just let the Kat out of the bag with that announcement…sorry Fuddruckers.)

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