Monday, July 19, 2010

Rule Stretching

Would you consider yourself a rule person? There are those including myself who are definite rule people. Not that I lay down a lot of rules, but I follow them.

And then there are those who think rules were made to be tested. Ahhh…sometimes that would be Colinboy. People like Colinboy don’t always follow every rule to a T. He’s more creative. He likes to bend them around…into an “O.”

I’m not saying he’s breaking cardinal rules…or road rules. He’s not a bad Colinboy. No, he falls into the rule stretcher category. He thinks some rules are flexible like rubba bands and hamstrings…made to be stretched.

Besides…rule stretching is all a matter of semantics anyway. Heck, politicians do it all the time. Bill Clinton tried to stretch the definition of the word “is.” He tried to give a small word...extra definitions. Colinboy might have a future in politics.

Oprah is trying to enforce the rule of “no talking or texting on your cell phone while driving.” It seems like a good rule…and like Colinboy says, “should be easy for Oprah. She has a personal driver.”


I’m a rule proponent…follower…adherer. I stick to the rules like gummy bears to my crowns. Because I know for sure… if we didn’t follow the rules, there would be total chaos in the world.
I know you are thinking that I can’t be all goody three shoes…all the time. That I must have broken some rule…sometime. Well, I have a confession to make...

I recently entered the EXIT door at CVS. I was wrong.

The EXIT door was wide open and was the closest door to I went for it. I first looked over my shoulder…hoping I wasn’t captured on the CVS security camera.

I know the EXIT door is made for people leaving the store and should never be used as a means of entry. Someone could have been leaving the store when I was entering and a collision could have occurred.

I hope my infraction doesn’t make Colinboy think that it’s now okay to go from rule rule breaker.

I guess I better watch myself. I hear rule breaking is a slippery slope. Before I know it I might start breaking other hard and fast rules…like the rules of grammar, the rules of chess, the rules of exponents...and..…the rules of golf.

(Mother of golf…Say it isn’t so.)

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