Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pick Me, Pick Me

Have you been watching the Bachelorette? I admit, I jumped in toward the end…after Ali whittled down her choices…from twenty to four men…Roberto, Chris, Kirk, and Frank. Who needs to watch all that kissing and groping of random guys. On second thought…… (Note to self: find out when next season begins.)

I started watching the show when it was time for the home visits. That’s when the Bachelorette visits the guy’s hometowns and meets their families. The whole fam damily…the mother, the father, the weird sibling, the crazy uncle.

I think meeting the entire family is a bad idea…you never, ever want to have your love interest meet all the crazies in your family at the same time. They should be pulled out of the woodwork over a period of not to scare your lover off.

So after the hometown visits…Ali dumped Kirk, the guy with the weirdest relatives…which makes total sense. Hey, Ali could be connected to those zanies for the rest of her life. It was no surprise that the guy whose father keeps animal guts and body parts in his freezer and has 24 varieties of animal heads tacked to his walls...was told to hit the road. buh bye.


Monday night’s episode was Must-See Cry TV. It took place on the gorgeous island of Tahiti. (Note to self: put Tahiti on list of places to go.) But there was trouble in paradise. Frank dumped Ali before their sailing date. He decided to stay with his ex-girlfriend. Drama ensued………

Ali was devastated…turned inside out. She cried real tears (tell-tale sign: ugly cry) about how it wasn’t fair…how could Frank do this to her? Question: Isn’t Ali gonna do the same thing to two of the three guys that are left?

I think Ali was devastated about Frank leaving the show, because he was really the guy she was gonna choose. Ali was way too twisted in angst and emotion for Frank to not be her #1 choice. Besides wouldn’t Ali have to know who she was choosing by then…the guy she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with?

So at the rose ceremony…there stood Chris and Roberto….side by side. Each of them smiling at Ali…looking like they were wearing “pick me, pick me” signs.

This seems very unnatural to me. They looked liked wimps. If a guy feels that strongly about you…loves you, wants to marry you, wants to have children with you…wouldn’t he turn and punch out his competition?

I think when it gets down to the last two guys standing…there should be an old fashioned duel. Winner of the duel takes all…and Ali.

Now that would make great reality TV.

Note to self: Call the producers of the Bachelorette with your brilliant show suggestion.

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big C said...

I wonder what the past bachelors would think of OUR family?