Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday I woke up to white fluffy stuff falling from the sky…luckily not falling from the scalp. The first snowfall of the season! It was 7 am and there was already 7 inches of snow on the ground…7 at 7. I decided to hit the hay for another hour…it’s not like I had to be up at the crack of dawn for an early morning flight to Baton Rouge or anything (Sorry PaulA).

The morning was gorgeous…a winter wonderland with all the makings of a snow globe. I’ve always liked the feeling of being snowed in. But this time it was different. Lest I remind you…I am an EMPTY-NESTER…no kids to hunker down with. It definitely felt different.

I remember when the kids, after finding out the snow gods were in their favor, ran around the house yelling “No School…It’s a SNOW DAY!” It was the only day they didn’t mind getting out of bed. They couldn’t wait to get outside to go sledding, build snowmen, and throw snowballs at each other’s heads.

After getting my 3 little stooges dressed and ready for the elements…bundled up with every article of winter clothing we owned, Curly would need it all taken off…with the predictable “I gotta go to the bathroom!” After a romp in the snow…there were rounds of hot chocolate…hold the whip cream. Followed by wet clothes and jackets, hats, scarves, and boots everywhere. Man, I loved those snow days. Not that I particularly like wet soggy clothes, but it was an excuse to not leave the house.

Even though the day felt differently, the weather was the same. It was a very typical winter day in New England…a snowstorm, followed by wintry mix (kinda like Chex Mix you eat in the winter), topped off with rain. Actually a storm with lightening and thunder. Yep…a summer-winter storm…or is that a winter-summer storm? Anyway, by 5 pm the first snowy day of the season was replaced by a monsoon…putting an end to any Currier and Ives fantasy.

A typical winter day in New England…has its way of bringing you back to reality.


big C said...

we were SOOO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

we were :) i miss those snow days too mom! hopefully we'll get some good snow over break

Jayne said...

AHHHH, love the picture of your cute babies.