Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home Alone

Remember the adorable letters kids would send to Santa? They would start working on their Wish List after chewing their last bite of turkey on Thanksgiving. Scribbling down on paper the name of every toy that caught their eye…every toy they saw in the colorful flyers from the newspaper and TV commercials. And God knows on Saturday mornings, there’s a Santa’s load.

Big C would phonetically spell out her List…bik, brbe, ktshn. Colinboy would draw pictures of Santa and his sleigh. And ask: “Mom, how do you spell Fisher Price motorized car?” I’d help him with the spelling: N-O-W-A-Y. I’d ask Wishy, what she wanted…she would pull her fingers out of her mouth and in her baby doll voice say, “I want Home Alone.” She was actually referring to the movie…not her own personal space…at 2 and a half.

I’m sure Santa still has those Letters banging around the North Pole somewhere…but she can’t always remember where she stashes everything…a bad case of santaheimer’s.

So I got to thinking…if I could make my own Wish List and send it to the North Pole…What would I ask Santa to bring me? Baubles? Bangles? Bucks? Naw….

I think my letter would read:

Dear Santa,
I’ve been pretty good this year…although there was that one time I slammed the paddle ball at an 86 year old woman…but it was at her feet. But let’s move on. Santa, this year I am asking for some faithful blog readers. The kind that will log onto my blog daily…and not think I have a few screws loose. That’s all, Santa…thanks.

Hmmm…I got to thinking about what Tiger Woods’s letter would read:

Dear Santa:
I know I haven’t been a good Tiger this year…more of a Cheetah…but I am asking for a SECOND CHANCE. My life is in shambles…everyone is leaving me…my wife, my kids, my sponsors, my fans. I look around and find I’m Home Alone……..

This is just a suggestion….Maybe Kevin could join Tiger….that way they could be Home Alone together.

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