Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Man Up

I find it interesting that during this time of Tigergate, Tiger Wood’s agent, Mark Steinberg, is quoted as saying, “Let’s please give the kid a break.” I find it particularly interesting because today Tiger turns 34.

A kid? Age 34? Husband? Father of 2? When does a man become a man? I kid you not…Tiger is NOT a kid and shouldn’t be given excuses that you would give a child. That’s most of Tiger’s problem…the “excuses” Tiger’s inner circle makes for him.

I know I/we should have given it a rest by now…but this story is one that keeps on giving…because of the size of the gap between Tiger’s larger-than-life public persona and secret tawdry life he wanted to keep (out) PRIVATE.

Tiger and those around him may want to try to play the victim card, but that's just another excuse. He may feel like a victim…but Joe Public is Tiger’s victim…victim in believing that Tiger is who he portrayed himself to be…. a squeaky clean, straight-shooter, “family-first” man. We feel like he cheated on us along with his wife.

Maybe Tiger was robbed of his childhood...maybe Tiger didn’t have a “normal” adolescence...but with the indulgences and privileges Tiger has been granted, come obligations…and most importantly…obligations to his family.

You are 34 today, Tiger. No More Excuses. Man Up!

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Anonymous said...

I agree and I never liked him!!