Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White House Interlopers

Have you ever crashed a party? Showed up somewhere…unannounced, uninvited, unrequested, and unwelcomed. If so…that is definitely uncalled for. Maybe back in High School crashing was copacetic.....

But as a full grown grown-up…it is something frowned on. Especially crashing the biggest party in the USA. I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the couple who crashed the State Dinner in Washington…the White House Interlopers…not to be confused with the Wild Hooved Antelopers.

The couple looked the part…and acted the part…. somebody who would be invited to the big dance. I guess the Secret Service and Social Secretary…were too busy…having a good time to notice that posers had entered…stage right.

The couple obviously studied the book “Dress for Success.” But just because you’re wealthy, well-dressed, and attractive…doesn’t mean you can’t have a few screws loose. The Interlopers joined in with Washington’s inner circle…had their picture taken with the President, Joe Biden, White House Chief of Staff Emanuel…Heck, even Katie Cutey Curic...and then posted it on Facebook. They definitely have a few screws loose…and some nuts and bolts.

Actually, the bottom line is publicity. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame….or is it 20 minutes now? Aspiring to be reality show celebrities on The Housewives of Washington DC. ..the Interlopers showed they would do anything to gain attention. Lower themselves to any level or higher themselves to any level… like Balloon Boy’s parents who also created publicity to get their own reality show.

These types of people crave attention. They are attention seekers and suitors. And it appears that any attention…either positive or negative…is okay with these folks. Kinda like when our kids were 2 years old…sometimes it was just worth the time-out.

That’s what the couple should get for the trouble they have caused….a Time-Out. Time-out of the spotlight….time out of the media…because so far they are getting the attention they crave.

That’s why the White House Interlopers shall remain nameless and faceless……in my blog.

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