Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Cards

One of most favorite things during the holiday season…is the cards. I live for the cards. I watch my mailbox, waiting for the mail truck to come around the corner. “Careful dude, you’re gonna fall out.”

Think about it, at what other time of the year do you receive so much personal mail…and not from the cable guy. But snail mail…hand delivered by a letter carrier? Old School style…not the bing, bang electronic inbox: “You’ve got mail.”

Getting cards out the door can be a monumental task and I appreciate the time involved around the process. It’s exceptionally tricky if you want to include a family photo……especially to include the family dog and get him to look straight into the camera and not be licking his privates. Then to address the envelope, stamp it, and lick the envelope. Yuck! Maybe the family dog could help in this department. “Oh Duncandog…come here puppy…I have a project for you”………

With today’s technology…there are some short cuts to the whole process…especially if you are computer savvy. Like using the computer to make cards with photos you’ve upload from your camera…printing envelope address labels and …printing cards with your name and message. You don’t have to bother signing, “Love, John Hancock.” As my friend aptly pointed out…it’s the “sign of the truly lazy.” Call me lazyKat…because that’s the route I took this year. “Love, lazyKat.”

And then there is the family newsletter shortcut…a printed update of what you’ve been up to. I love reading a newsletter…until I find out that they have a better life than I do. I have considered including one with our card, but I need some good stuff to write about. I need the WOW factor. I’m thinking it’s probably not a good idea to lie…seeing it’s Christmas and all. Right?

Although I am Old School when it comes to cards, I do appreciate receiving email holiday cards and photos. You have to be really organized to do this…and have email addresses for everyone. I have enough trouble keeping my tattered and torn address book up-to-date…crossing out addresses because people can’t just stay in one place.

I guess the advantage email cards have over Old School cards is that you don’t have to worry about who, or what, is actually licking the envelopes that you’ve received.

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Anonymous said...

What about those that don't send cards anymore?