Tuesday, December 8, 2009

According to Kay

I’ve read that the bathroom scale is the worst gift a man could give a woman. This seems obvious…especially during the holidays when yule logs, rum balls, and egg nogs are the foods of choice. Does this advice really need to be put in print? The second-to-worst gift….might be a heavy appliance (unless of course the guy can be stuffed into it, or you can jump inside and drive it out of the garage with the top down.)

If gift giving were up to Kay Jewelers, the perfect gift would be diamonds. After all, “Every Kiss Begins With Kay.”
In the Kay’s commercial, “he” surprises her with a Kay’s diamond. “She” goes ga-ga over it… reaches over, caresses his face, and plants a big kiss…smack on the kisser. (Snow is suddenly falling over their heads.) She now has a little twinkle in her eye, replacing any daggers she might have had for him earlier in the week. And that is because: Every Kiss Begins with Kay.

According to Kay…After a woman receives a Kay’s sparkling rock, “she” decides her boyfriend or husband is now worthy. Before he gave her the diamond…he was “okay” at best. And you know what that means…she just might be nice to him…the nooky factor has just increased.

Unfortunately men are led to believe that the only way to a woman’s kiss is to shower her with diamonds. These poor guys are made to feel that if they don’t get the woman in their life a diamond…they are a dud...a low-down, lousy, cheap, son-of-a-scoundrel. Men are made to feel that diamonds are the only thing that will get their woman’s attention and adoration.

Now is that really fair? Now, come on. Men, please do not be fooled. Women welcome all rocks….emeralds, sapphires, rubies, pearls.......

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Jayne said...

Worst gift I ever received from my husband was an ironing board for sleeves. LOL