Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yes, Virginia

I sure miss having little kids at home believing in Santa. The excitement, the anticipation, the sugar-high. Sweet little ones in footy pajamas…going to bed with visions of sugar plums, tiny reindeer, and a bearded stranger…in their heads.

Question: Why is there always a BIG kid that likes to ruin the charade for your little Johnny? I’m guessing that same kid had his own Santa fantasy ripped prematurely from him, so he wants to return the favor to someone else. Merry Jingle Balls Christmas.

We never told our kids any differently about St. Nick…and they never questioned Santa’s existence or non-existence…maybe because Jingle Balls Brian wasn’t in their class to spill the Santa bag…. or maybe because our kids didn’t want to leave anything to chance…especially when the gig was so good.

(Okay, so the ‘rents say there’s a big guy in a ratty ole suit who flies around the world in a sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer…and he shimmys down 8 trillion chimneys in one night. As long as the payday keeps coming…why open our mouths and ruin a good thing?)

I’m not so sure that our three didn’t get together and conference, “What do ya think? Katwoman as Santa??? Nah, she couldn’t be Santa…she’s way too disorganized. Although…she is filling out those red velvet pants.”

And so in our house…we believe. Not only in the true meaning of Christmas…but we also believe in the spirit of giving and sharing...St. Nick Style.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

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