Monday, December 21, 2009

Bringing Cheer and Good Tidings

Hey, it’s great when you can get a customer service person laughing…especially during the holiday season…the season of stress, strain, and strudel…sorry, that just naturally follows. And now that I think about it…apple strudel naturally follows…a holiday dinner.

Here’s my customer service scenario: I was online ordering a few gifts, each with personalized messages. I decided I should go back and make sure that I matched the right message with the right person. Heck, I don’t want to send...“Yo Yo…Have A Chill Christmas" Aunt Millie.

So after I clicked back to check for mistakes, the computer cleared all my billing information…which I then had to painstakingly re-enter. After I completed the 'check-out' page and hit ENTER…the screen flashed “Hey, Stupid…you forgot to put in a zip code.” As I was doing that…the screen went BLACK. Ahhh…I wasn’t sure if my order went through, or I just launched a missile strike overseas.

So I called the company’s Customer Service Department to make sure there were no mix-ups.

A Customer Service person answered: “Hi, this is Jack, your customer service person. How can I help you?”
Kat: “Hey Jack. This is Kat. I gotta problem over here.”
And then I proceeded to give him the long boring details I just gave you.
Then Jack said, “You used Internet Explorer, right? Well, it clears the cookies.”
So I said, “Hey Jack, the only cookies I know about are the ones that I put in my stomach.”

Jack couldn’t stop laughing. I guess I was killing him…with my ignorance…or maybe he was still drunk on punch and his cookies from his company holiday luncheon.

I was happy to bring Cheer and Good Tidings to Jack during this time of stress, strain, and strudel…but “Jack, when you ever stop laughing…can you help me out over here.”

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