Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hold It!

Who hasn’t had a decorated Christmas tree fall over? I’m sure a lot of people out there have had their tree fall over…at least once. A Christmas tree disaster is a horrifying event.

To enter the room and find your tree horizontal on the floor is devastating and overwhelming. You feel paralyzed…kinda like entering a crime scene…and seeing the chalk outline of a dead body. I know this because it has happened to us…2 and a half times. (the tree silly, not a dead body.)

So you were wondering (humor me here)…How is it possible for a tree to fall half a time? Glad you asked. Well…I caught the tree in the act of falling. I had just finished decorating one of our trees (with my prized ornaments...my "gold" tree)…and it started falling toward me. I quickly stuck my hand through the branches and grabbed the trunk of the 12 foot tall and 5 foot wide tree. And screamed for help.

But help never came. The kids were MIA and PaulA was in the basement running on the treadmill …watching a Patriots game…with the volume on 50.

So there I stood with my face planted in the tree, my arm getting scratched, and eyes being poked with needles…holding a tree that was getting heavier with every minute. And hearing the treadmill and the Patriots in the distance…knowing that any screaming was just a waste of breath.

That day PaulA decided to be treadmill Marathon Man. I had to keep switching arms to hold the tree up. This went on for countless minutes…until when PaulA finished…he heard my yelp. I swear, if I had to hold it any longer, there would have been a dead body.

But Christmas would go on…and rightly so.
Over my dead body…there would be a Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

i was laughing so hard reading this... i can picture it perfectly! and of course this happens the one day dad wants to get skinny!
love wishy!
PS. can't WAIT to see the tree!!! i miss it :(