Friday, December 4, 2009

Consumer Zombie

Do jingles stick with you? Do you sing the jingles of items as you put them in your grocery cart? Am I the only one from Planet Weirdo?

I love jingles…the little ditties that are designed to turn you into a walking consumer zombie. The jingles have a way of planting a subliminal message into your head…so you continually go home with a product that you’ve bought for years and years…and you’re not even sure you really like it anymore.

I admit…when I’m in the soup aisle…I start singing…Mmmm good. Campbells’ soup is Mmmm good. There are probably other brands out there that are tasty…but I’m sure they are not as mmmmm good.

When I need to restock my first aid cabinet, I find that I am stuck on Band-aid…and Band-aid is stuck on me.

In the Cereal aisle…I’m so coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, there is no room for the healthy cereals. And Trix are for kids…not for silly rabbits.

Most days when I’m grocery shopping, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner…that is what I truly want to be. And one thing is for certain…Choosy Mother’s choose Jif and nothing else. I’ve been know to Do a dollop of Daisy. And for sure….Everything’s better with Blue Bonnet on it.

Finally, the walking consumer zombie has left the grocery store building. I’m driving home….next thing I know I find myself in TJ Maxx…because you get the max from the minimum at TJ Maxx. And god knows I only want the max.

Next stop…home. Wait…I deserve a break today. A Big Mac is what I have a hankering for…and I’m lovin’ it.

These jingles are quite powerful and have a way of controlling actions (at least mine.) I see other products on the shelves…but the jingle takes over…and I succumb.

I’ve never been hypnotized, but it appears that from my consumer zombie tendencies, I would be the perfect person to go under the spell. "Take me to your maker." I would be willing to try hypnosis, but I would want to make sure the hypnotist didn’t make me do anything embarrassing or anything I would regret later. I’ve heard that sometimes they can get you in front of a crowd and make you say embarrassing things…or embarrassing sounds.

It would be very wrong to make this Kat…bark like a dog.

Beam me up now, Planet Weirdo.

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