Monday, December 14, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet?

What’s your favorite part of preparing for Christmas? Could it be bringing up all the boxes stored in the basement, decorating the house, finding a tree, decorating the tree, stringing lights outside, hanging garland and wreaths, sending cards, dealing with the Post Office, baking cookies, coming up with gift ideas, shopping for gifts, dealing with the crowds, paying the bills?

Who knew getting ready for Christmas could be so much fun?

My favorite worst job …is putting lights on the tree. Yep…lights out, it is definitely my favorite of the worst. Somehow I became the designated Lighting Designer…but that’s probably because PaulA has already tied the dang thang to the roof of the car, squeezed it through the back door, moved the furniture, put it in the stand, worked to get it straight. Then for me to tell him… “It’s crooked. Re-do.”

Who knew setting up the tree could be so much fun?

So now it’s my turn to join in on all the fun…wrestle with the tree lights. Untangle them from square knots. Test strands to make sure they’re working. Get the female and male parts to “hook-up.” Balance on a stool to reach the top. Get stabbed by bristly needles. Ahhhh…Wrestling, stringing, balancing and stabbing.

Who knew putting up tree lights could be so dangerous?

The worse though is coming downstairs the next morning to find that the tree took a nose-dive during the night. Branches spread eagle on the floor. Precious ornaments obliterated. And water, water, everywhere.

Who knew getting ready for Christmas could be so much fun?

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big C said...

LOVE that you used this picture!!!!