Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The New Lipstick on the Collar

Watching or reading any more about Tiger Woods…is like looking at a train wreck…actually staring at one. We've looked way too long.

Granted, the jokes and play on words…are endless and pretty funny…but I think we need to call a moratorium on it all. Heck, Nancy Grace is referring to Tiger’s transgressions by number…I think we are up to Lucky woman number 13. Then there is also a reference by their profession…cocktail waitress, lingerie model, porn star, pancake waitress. I refer to them by Bimbo. But like I said…I am not going to add more fuel to the Tiger flame…it appears he has enough flames.

But wait…one more thing. I think it's interesting that Tiger is paying off only one of the 13 women he has been involved with. People are speculating that’s probably because she has the most damaging evidence of their affair…like texts saying that he loves her, or he wants to leave his wife for her. And he’s willing to pay up to 5 million bucks. She has to have more on him than words of LOVE. I’m thinking it’s probably something weird….compromising pictures with a Tiger…maybe Tiger in a golf skirt. But that is how my mind works. Like I said, I am not going to add more fuel to the Tiger flames.

What is MOST interesting about all of this is…the texting trail left behind. The text message is actually better than a Hansel and Gretel trail of bread crumbs. Today’s texting is the new “lipstick on the collar.” Back in the old days, the wife would be sorting laundry and come upon a lipstick stain on her husband’s collar. (I never understood how the man never noticed ruby red lipstick on his collar.) Now we have text messages as evidence of sordid affairs.

And we even have the invention of a new word…"sexting" (texts about sex). So I was thinking… if you are lusting in texts…is that "lexting?" Or you talk about cheating in texts…is that "chexting?'

I’m sure Tiger wishes he was born back in the day when lipstick stains were evidence for infidelity. Heck, his wife never would have caught him. It’s not like Elin washes Tiger’s golf shirts…on the old washboard.

Ps…Hey, just heard there’s a Woman Number 14 now. The woman is 48 years old…Tiger and a Cougar.
Rest assured…there has never been a Tiger and a Kat.


Anonymous said...

how are santa and tiger woods different?
--santa stops at the hoes.. "ho ho ho"


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