Monday, December 12, 2011

Words With Alec Baldwin

Playing "Words with Friends" can be addictive.
Just ask Alec Baldwin.

Playing "Words with Friends" can also get you thrown off a plane.
Just ask Alec Baldwin.

I used to play "Words" with my friend, Linnyj.
That girl is a mean competitor.
By mean, i mean fierce...
cuz she sure ain't mean mean...
ya know what I mean?

Last time we were out to dinner,
we had a race to the heels.
Okay, Linnyj won.
But I declared the race a draw.
She didn't say we were racing to the ladies' room.
Let the record stand, I beat her to the men's room.

I had to give the game up...I could see that it's a game that sucks you in.
Who has time for wording, when there's blogging to do?
Besides, if you don't get right back to people with a word....
they're like...."Where's my next word?
Come on Kat, Word, Word me. Word.
They become junkies....
strung out on word.

It's probably a good thing that I quit.
Otherwise, I could have ended up like Alec Baldwin....
another rich, entitled chap, flying FIRST-class,
thinking rules are for Other people.
(Hmmm...part of that sounds good.)


"Words with Friends" is not a game that should be played by everyone.
Especially if you have anger management/
separation from electronic devices issues.
Just ask, Alec Baldwin.

Alec's reaction after being told by the American Airlines attendant to turn off his iPad
proved that he shouldn't be playing.

"Berserk" will get ya
63 points
when played on the Words With Friends "DW" tile
(bonus for using all your letters)

but it will also get ya
a boot in the pants
when played  out in the restroom of an American Airlines flight.
Just ask, Alec Baldwin.

I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin's Words
on Saturday Night Live last weekend earned him
ZERO points
with American Airlines.

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B.Healy said...

haha omg! i didn't know this happened. so funny/pathetic. people addicted to games!