Monday, December 5, 2011

And the Winner Is

Whenever I buy a lottery ticket...
I feel sorry for the poor souls standing behind me in line,
waiting to throw their money away on lotto tickets...
when I’ve already got the winning ticket in my back pocket.
Woo hooo...Suckas

I’m not sure why, but for some reason...
I instantly think I’m an instant WINNER.
 Is it just me?

By the time I get back into my car...I have already spent my winnings...
a car
(for every day of the week)....
a personal jet
(for every trip of the week)
a personal chef.
(for every meal of the week.)


The 254 million dollar jackpot winner
of the Connecticut Powerball Lottery finally came forward.

And the winner is...

Three men (and a baby?)  from an Asset Management Company in Greenwich, CT.
How convenient...the money managers now have major money to manage.
Heck, even their a$$et$ have a$$et$.

I found it interesting to watch the 3 men as they collected their GIANT check.
Oddly enough, they had NO reaction.
They were given a lump sum check for 108 million dollars (after tax). 
And Zero reaction.
I’ve seen people get more excited about a gift certificate to Applebees.

Where was the wildily jumping up and down, crying, laughing, freak-out session?
(Oh, that’s my fantasy.)

There is a rumor that the men are a front for an anonymous winner.
No surprise there.
What 3 grown ONE ticket together?
Who has a third of a cent?

So people are pissed.
Pissed Off.
They think the quarter of a billion dollar winner was already rich...
and now richer....“the rich get richer.”

I’m not sure why it matters.
Who Cares.
You lost.
Get over it.

Maybe the winner is staying out of the spotlight,
(not because of their wealth),
but maybe to keep
distant relatives,
distant friends,
and distant ex-spouses
from suddenly popping into the picture.

I know I would have a hard time staying anonymous.

My shiny seven cars,
shiny personal jet,
and shiny well-fed ass...
would be hard to hide.
You would instantly know this Kat was a WINNER.
Woo hooo Suckas

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