Friday, December 23, 2011

Wait, It's Almost Christmas

T minus 2

2 days until Christmas

It's Crunch time.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and
Poor Santa is running out of time.

People are in a hurry, scurry, get something.

Getting errands accomplished means having to deal with long lines....
lines everywhere...
malls, haircutters, DD, the Post office.

There were still lines yesterday at the Post Office.
(Okay, I was last minute Kat in a long line with all the other Tom, Dicks, and Marys.)
The wait was long,
but a short line wouldn't be a wait? huh?


This time of year is a huge
HURRY UP and WAIT scene....

There are the lines at the registers....where you wait.
Then you switch lines...and wait even longer.
You wait for the waitress, then she waits on you.

wait, wait, wait,

Our Motto should be
outwit, outlast, and outwait.

Heck, even after Christmas you wait....
you wait to see if they like your gift....
wait to see if they use it, wear it, or ditch it.

Then you wait in line to return your gift.

I loved the attitude of the little girl I saw at the Post Office waiting in line with her mother.
She pulled up the floor,
sat her butt down,
and opened a bag of cheerios.

She perfected the sit and wait a spell attitude.

2 more days until Christmas.
Can't Wait.

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