Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Electric Gift Idea

It’s getting hot in here,
So take off all your.......

Boy, was it hot in our bedroom last night.
Calm down...Don’t worry...
this blog isn’t going where you might think.
After all, this is NOT an XXX blog site
(triple exceptional blog).
My blog is PG
(pretty good) best.

This is about electric heat.

The electric blanket we bought a couple of years ago was not working
(actually it worked perfectly on my side, but I felt sorry leaving PaulA out in the cold)
so I purchased a new one.

I surprised PaulA with the early Christmas present.
I snuck upstairs and cranked that sucker up to Level 8 to toast his side of the bed.
(I chose a milder Level 5 for my side.)

PaulA didn’t even have to get in the bed to know his bed was packing heat....
he could feel the heat just standing next to me it.
This new blanket was definintely working.

After I slept a couple of hours on Level 5...this Kat was cooked.
And I’m pretty sure I was cooked evenly...
as I tend to roll around a lot when I sleep.

I had to dial it down two Level 3...otherwise,
I would have been stuck to the pan blanket when I woke...
and hard to scrape off
without extra elbow grease.


If you are looking for ideas for Christmas presents...
an electric blanket makes a warm gift idea.

But it should come with a Caution Label...

Sleeper may become


Chelsea Coleen said...

hahaha!!! so funny! and GOOD its cold in the ole a to the von house. stay warm!!

B.Healy said...

i LOVE my heated blanket at home :)