Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Lit

Don't cha love holiday decorations?
The lights, garland, blow-up santas?

Some people love to get into the holiday spirit...and decorate it up...
 If you it ain't lit up...then it ain't Christmas.

Then there are those forced into decorating
because the festive someone, who is really into the holiday spirits spirit,
lives in your neighborhood...
and is putting everyone to shame.
So if ya don't want to be out-done, out-matched, or sent to the outhouse...
then you're forced to untangle last year's ball of lights, drink in the holiday spirits spirit
and get lit.


There are those who take holiday decorations to another level.
Apparently they can't stop the emerging surging urge to decorate...everything.
Those folks will even decorate things that move.
They'll put their pet dog in holiday attire

AND their pet cars.
I've seen many cars cruising around town decorated with
green wreaths tied to the front bumper...
red bows on side view mirrors...
and gold roping on roof racks.

But the ultimate holiday car decoration is the reindeer.

Today a reindeer,
with some pretty impressive antlers,
sped pass me.
Where are the cops to round up the reindeer, when ya need them?

I gotta say...
a car with antlers
sure gives meaning to the holiday song...

"Grandma got run over by a reindeer."


B.Healy said...

haha funny ending! so true.... poor grandma..

i'm one of those people who makes others decorate just to keep up with my oh-snow- christmasy room!!

♥Jess said...


Following your MOmmy blog - I L.O.V.E your giveaway!

ashley said...

Directed to your blog from your daughter! I love that you blog-- I wish my momma did! :)

and I have seen sooo many cars with antlers-- it's the funniest thing!

Melanie said...

Hey mama! I found your awesome blog from your daughters awesome blog! I'm so glad I did! LOVE it!

Lol... We have a house on our street that is lit up like no other. Even all set to a certain radio station w/ music. Yah. They live next door, so we just enjoy their lights! I didn't even try this year.) Lol..

Young and Fabulous said...

i love your blog mama healy :-)

you have such a beautiful daughter! I seriously hope to meet her one day!

cant wait to read more of your posts!