Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Most Annoying Words of 2011

Survey Says...

The Marist Poll recently revealed its list of

                 The 5 Most Annoying Words of 2011
(from Number 5)
drum roll, please

5. Seriously

4. Just Saying

3. You know

2. Like

And the Number One Annoying Word of 2011....

1. Whatever

I'm just saying, I don't think "Whatever" is that annoying
and shouldn't be singled out as
THE Most Annoying Word of 2011.
Seriously, like, you know...there are times when Whatever comes in handy.

Whatev. er. 
I would never hesitate to use it.

I admit I was happy I didn't see "Anywhoo" listed. 
Seriously, like, what would I do if "Anywhoo" was on the list of annoying words?
I'm just saying, would that, like, also make me annoying, by default?
Like, Marist University isn't lame enough, by,
you know,
publishing a list every year of annoying words,
I'm just saying.


I guess there would be an upside of seeing
"Anywhoo" on the List of Annoying Words...
this blog would have made someone's top 5 List.

I'm just saying...
I think the word "seriously" is THE most annoying word.
Seriously, like, being serious is sooo annoying.

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