Friday, December 16, 2011

Re-Gifting Do's and Don'ts

What do you think of re-gifting?
Thumbs up? Thumbs Down?

Maybe it depends on what end of the re-gifting horse you are on.
Admittedly, one end might be more pleasant than the other.

I have been on both ends of the re-gifting horse.
The RE-GIFTER (the head)
AND the RECIPIENT (the tail)

So how did I know I was on the tail end?
I received the EXACT same gift I gave …
granted, it was wrapped in a horse of a different color paper,
but it was the same HORSE.

I like to call the “gift that keeps on giving”…the “boomerang gift.”

Years ago, I mailed a kid’s birthday gift…
and low and behold…
it came back to me months later.
So I’m guessing, they didn't like it?
Already had one?
Or…liked it so much they wanted me to have it?

I do think re-gifting is fine as long as you follow the basic rules:

Do NOT re-gift anything monogrammed…especially if the monogram belongs to YOU.
Do NOT re-gift something you have opened, tasted, or licked.
Do NOT re-gift something out-dated, worn, dirty, or dusty.
Do NOT re-gift partially used gift cards…($37.05) bad idea.
Do NOT re-gift animals, especially horses.


Is it better to GIVE or RECEIVE when it comes to re-gifting?

You be da judge.

Sometimes the gift is better suited for someone else…say...
a cookbook for someone who cooks.
A book for someone who reads.
A saddle for someone who actually owns a horse.

So when re-gifting… Just do it

Just make sure you don't give…
the boomerang gift.
Even though someone else may be on the tail end...
it will be YOU
who looks like the horse's ass.


usstamps said...

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Chelsea Coleen said...

hahaha... i remember when one of your gifts was re-gifted. that was a big ole fail. :)

blackheartbetty said...

I re-gift things sometimes. I try to at least make it a good re-gifting match. Funny post =)