Saturday, December 24, 2011

We Believe

It’s Christmas Eve…
the one night kids don’t mind going to bed.

Off to bed…in their feety pjs…
with visions of sugar plums and Santa’s sleigh
stuffed with their favorite
whatnots and thingamajigs.

So who first tried to tell you that Santa Claus and his 8 tiny reindeer
were a figment of your parent’s imagination?
Probably some punk at school...someone who enjoyed every moment.
That kid probably had his own Santa fantasy prematurely ripped away.
Merry Jingle Balls Christmas.

Over the years…we never discussed the
or the existentialism
of Santa
with our kids…
and they never questioned us…
maybe because Jingle Balls Brian wasn’t in their class
to spill the Santa bag….
or maybe because our kids didn’t want to mess up a good gig.

Our three probably put their heads together and conferenced,
“What do ya think? Katwoman and PaulA as Santa???
Nah, they couldn’t possibly be Santa.
Although…Kat is filling out those red velvet pants.
As long as the payday keeps coming…why open our mouths and question a good gig."


In our house…
in the true meaning of Christmas…

and also in the spirit of giving and sharing...
whatnots and thingamajigs....
St. Nick Style.

Sleep in heavenly peace….
this Silent Night.

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