Thursday, January 6, 2011

Touchy Problem

I am finding it hard to type on my new Droid. What makes it so tricky?...The touchpad. It sounds easy enough…but whenever I touch a letter...I get that letter…plus the 4 around it. So I spend most my time going backwards…deleting everything I just wrote.

I used to be a speed demon with my old phone. When it came to typing on my ole keypad, I was a regular road runner, so this touchpad thing is enough to turn me into Wile E. Coyote and send me over the droid edge…or off a cliff. (beep, beep)

Sometimes, I think I need a finger sharpener. I always thought that I had thin fingers, but apparently they are as big as tree trunks when it comes to typing on my Droid. It seems I need to work on getting my trunks into pencil thin shape. If I’m not careful I can end up with typos that are very inappropriate at the appropriate situation.


Colinboy informed me of something that can get me in a heap load of trouble when using the Droid. The kind of trouble where you want to run and hide. The kind of trouble where you are on your knees begging for forgiveness. The kind of trouble with a capital “T”..(Kat…enough)

Okay. The problem: After you've made a think you’ve hung up, BUT you haven’t. Apparently, many people have fallen into this trap with the Droid.

The trap…when after your've called them #*!# ....and then you realize they’ve heard every word. And you’re not talking in Chinese..but precise 4 letter words, we all understand.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have stuck with my old phone, but then I realize that with advancements...come adjustments, learning curves, and straight lines. There is a lot to learn with the new Droid…I just hope I have the IQ required to operate it.

There is an upside feature to the droid touchpad. It has a touch key devoted to a happy face :) So with one touch of the pad…you can easily send out happy faces.

Which comes in soooo soooo handy after you’ve just ticked someone off …and you’re offering up a mea culpa…from over the edge. Beep beep. :)


COLIN said...

I love the :) button! It is my response to everything

Frances said...

so that is why Colin always just texts me :-) face!

COLIN said...

ahhhhhhh she caught me! Thanks a lot kat!

Anonymous said...

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