Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Foot Comment

Did you hear about the Patriots football player, Wes Welker, who used either the word "foot" or "toe" ten times in his comments about the upcoming game between the Patriots and the Jets last Sunday? All words were subtly inserted in his comments having to do with an embarrassing foot-fetish video with the Jet's Coach Rex Ryan and his wife.

Both teams had been trash-talking before the big game...just big men trying to act bigger than the next puffing up their chests, beating their chests, and exposing their chests.

The Jets, however, threw out the first off-color comment when Antonio Cromartie called Patriots quartback, Tom Brady, an "assbeep." Maybe he did it to fire up his fellow teammates, or maybe he did it because he's an "assbeep" himself...but it brought retaliation from the Patriots.

So in an attempt to say something to "get back" and bring embarrassment to an already embarrassing situation...Welker fit the words "foot" and "toe" in a subtle...yet not-so subtle way. We all knew what his comments were referring to.

Being a blogger...I was very impressed and amused by Welker. Did he come up with those comments off-the-cuff, on-the-fly, or around-the-waist...or did he practice what he was gonna say? Did he write them down on index cards? I wonder if he used footnotes.

If I was clever enough to make a point in my blog...I would follow his footpath and imbed a subliminal word into my blog postings. I would make subtle comments so everyone would understand my commentary.

Wait...what was my last comment? What comment or lack of comment was I making?


The way I see it...after that Patriot's loss on Sunday, it appears that Welker put his foot in his mouth ten too many times with his commentary. At this time Welker has "no comment." And Coach Belichick and his Patriots foot soldiers are now out of the playoffs...back home...footloose and fancy free until next season.

PS...I think I just pulled a Welker. Hopefully you noticed my subtly not-so subtle, mentioning of the word "comment"...11 times.

In others words...."Leave a Comment."

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